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portable wheel lathe machine

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LLC "New Laser Technologies" has become a pioneer in the field of mobile wheel-turning solutions in the Russian Federation. Since 2013, we have completely immersed ourselves in this current mobile turning technology for the Russian Federation and at the moment we are producing mobile wheel lathe machines in a three modifications, satisfying any need of various customers, be it a railway workshop with a fleet of 5-7 locomotives, or a repair service company providing mobile turning services on a customer site, and a big global companies with a fleet of more than 200 locomotives with machine loading 24/7:

Portable wheel lathe machine produced by ourselves

Make a turning without rolling out and in a field

Equipment does not require turner qualification



Portable wheel set lathe machine series MKSR 83.00, MKS 83.00, MKS 83.00-2

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Mobile wheel lathe are designed for turning wheelsets of locomotives and  wagons without rolling out from rolling stock


Average turning time:

from 1 to 4 hours per 1 wheelset


Maintenance personnel:

does not require turner qualification

Friction drive for rotation

non-powered wheelsets


It is used for rotation of non-motor wheelsets during

operation of mobile wheel lathe


Delivery set:

  1. Drive roller - 2 pcs.
  2. Reduction motor - 2 pcs.
  3. Base of a main drive
  4. Rail Fastener Kit
  5. Motor-gearbox control cabinet *

* In case of ordering together with CNC lathe  MKS 83.00 and MKS 83.00-2 series , the control cabinet of the lathe and friction drive is implemented in a single  housing to increase mobility and ease of operation

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Non-contact measurement

device CALIPRI

Learn more about lathe

LLC "New Laser Technologies" is an exclusive sales and service partner in the railway industry of the Austrian company NEXTSENSE GmbH. Within the framework of this partnership, we offer the supply of a non-contact CALIPRI measuring device for measuring the geometrical parameters of wheelsets, rails, rail tracks and switches in cross section.


Currently, our company is fully focused on the production of mobile wheel-turning machines and on the development of mobile wheel-turning technologies.


Among our customers there are a lot of reliable repair and service partners that use our equipment in the performance of work. Therefore, send your request for mobile truing, we recommend you a reliable partner.

Regulating documentation

Instruction for survey, repair and formation of wheelsets of locomotives

and motorvagonny rolling stock of the railroads with a track 1520 mm


(Calipri device in the list of measuring instruments - page 119)



Tel.  +7 499 390 21 69, +7 (495) 928-11-44


Address: 124498, Zelenograd, passage 4922,

house 4 building 5, technopark "Elma."


LLC New Laser Technologies

Production and sale of equipment


Email: info@calipri-nlt.ru

Mobile turning of wheelsets without rolling out on a customer side


+7 (499) 390-21-69

+7 (495) 928-11-44





Zelenograd, passage 4922, house 4 building 5, technopark "Elma."


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